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Logan Paul and KSI: A Match Made in Heaven

By: Neel Kulkarni

Believe it or not, we’re living in a generation that the world has never seen before. Creators, influencers, and athletes are using social media and viral marketing strategies to empower their businesses to the next level. Logan Paul and KSI, two of the world’s biggest YouTube sensations, are doing exactly that.

Prime Hydration, a recent collaboration between Logan Paul and KSI, is a sports drink designed to provide instant energy and hydration. According to First Sportz, Prime Hydration has sold out within hours of release given the massive traction both business partners have generated after their announcement of the product on January 5th. With a combined social following of over 70 million followers on Instagram and YouTube, there should be no surprise as to why Prime Hydration has become an instant success. By posting countless hours of vlogs, reaction videos, and other forms of entertainment content, Paul and KSI have employed the “Give, Give, Give, Then Ask” strategy in order to build up their media empires to what it is today. You may have heard it from the popular entrepreneur and creator, GaryVee, but the “Give, Give, Give, Then Ask” strategy represents the fact that social media and marketing should focus on providing the most value to an audience.

Initially, the rivalry between Paul and KSI began in 2018 after KSI challenged the Paul brothers for a fight. While the first fight resulted in a draw, KSI later took a split-decision victory in 2019 during “KSI vs. Logan Paul II”. Although there was tension between the two creators, it was clear as to why these two fights were organized in the first place. Both creators saw an opportunity to transform their careers and provide a form of content that no two YouTubers have ever achieved before. Who could possibly think that a fight between two of the biggest YouTubers on the internet would ever happen? On paper, it seemed like a perfect idea, and a combined viewership of over 100 million views across the official YouTube channel for the two fights and the pay-per-view data turned that idea into a reality.

As we head into 2022, a year full of possibilities in the creator economy, Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime Hydration drink has made one thing very clear. Whether you’re a creator with just over a 1,000 followers or a social media influencer with over 100 million followers, social media and marketing is designed to bring creators together and collaborate on projects that will continue to provide the best possible value for generations of audiences to come.

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