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Amplifying Earned Media

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

When an article is posted on a media outlet, it typically receives attention for a couple of days. After that, the article gets pushed back into the archives and fewer eyes will see it. However, there are ways to keep that important article alive and buzzing if you consider using an omnichannel approach. By leveraging multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, you can promote the article and prolong its life by sharing it on these platforms separately and distinctively.

For example, posting an earned media article on Facebook may do well and reach a portion of your audience, but posting about that article on Instagram and Twitter, as well as Facebook, with the proper hashtags and description will reach a broader audience and increase visibility. According to Social Media Examiner, to successfully cross-promote content on multiple platforms you need to tailor the message to fit each platform. Hashtags work well on Instagram and Twitter but tend to not fare the same on Facebook. Make sure your article has a photo to peak interest and the description fits each platform properly.

To better utilize an omnichannel approach, making a single post on one platform is not always going to guarantee that your followers will see the article. Initially share your article across each platform on the same day to promote it, then share it weekly or bi-weekly and eventually repost about it every 2-3 months to keep it relevant. Relevancy is important to engage with followers and keep your content popular and clicked on.


Sharing an Instagram story about your article or going live to speak about it will increase awareness and lead more people to your page. According to Hootsuite, 500 million people use Instagram stories daily with a 49% higher interaction rate on a post when used adjacent in a story.


Another industry leader, Sprout Social, found that Facebook LIVE shows a six times higher interaction rate than traditional video and receives 10 times more comment interaction vs. pre-recorded videos. This live engagement with your followers will encourage them to engage more with you and your page.


As Inc. notes, showcasing 3rd party credibility is also important to establish trust and legitimacy as a brand. When a 3rd party unaffiliated expert shares or speaks highly of you or your brand, this creates instant credibility. Consumers look to respected media outlets for honesty and transparency. If your article is picked up by one of these well-known media outlets this helps validate you and your brand as trustworthy. It will also gain more traction for your article, due to the fact that these credible media outlets have a large following and rank high on search engine results.

In order to keep your article from falling into the world of the unread, it’s critical to utilize an omnichannel approach when promoting your article. Make sure to tailor each post appropriately to each platform and strive to have a 3rd party credible media outlet promote your article. 

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