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Twitter’s Super Follow Feature Latest Step Towards Creator Monetization

By: Alisa Ermarkaryan

Social media is not just a leisure space anymore as it is increasingly becoming a business landscape and the platforms are recognizing the transition. Direct payment tools have become progressively important for creators recently. Other apps that have incorporated similar features include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tinder and now it is Twitter’s turn to adapt. Twitter announced the new feature will give the ability for users to charge their followers for access to additional content.

Super Follow allows Twitter users to charge followers by giving them access to added exclusive content such as bonus tweets, gain entry into a community group, access to a newsletter or a support badge. Twitter is unquestionably looking for ways to drive new revenue streams with this new service. According to BBC News, the platform was launched in 2006 and recorded its first annual profit 12 years later in 2018. The specific payment amount has not been announced yet but this feature will innovate the platform by providing monetization for their creators and an added revenue generator for Twitter.

The innovative feature not only provides financial opportunities but also will encourage Twitter’s top creators to tweet more often and build reliance on the app by providing valuable incentives. These features are very popular across various platforms such as Instagram’s Close Friend’s function, Tinder’s Superlike and Facebook’s Patreon. As these platforms are constantly developing, they are significant by reshaping how brands and creators engage with their consumers. Social media has a major impact on the digital revolution that has changed advertising and marketing. The platforms reach millions of individuals, provides opportunities to connect and therefore is one of the most fruitful modern ways for business.

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