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TikTok Stories: Are Stories Taking Over in 2022?

Written By: Taylor Golemme

With billions of users worldwide, the frenzy of social media has created an environment of intense competition between different platforms. From the first ever platform, SixDegrees, to one of the fastest growing apps, TikTok, this rise in competition has been brewing for over two decades now. But what makes a single social media platform standout from the rest in one of the toughest industries to break through? One word: Innovation.

When it comes to innovation, Tiktok has been leading the way since its US debut in September of 2017 (Dexerto, 2021). This can be seen from Tik Tok integrating a fully video-based concept to implementing a For You page with an incredible algorithm built to satisfy a user-base of over 1 billion. Now they have continued to prove they are ready to compete with some of the largest social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, as they have taken on a new addition: TikTok Stories.

While the previously mentioned applications have been using this feature for a few years now, this is not stopping TikTok from entering the space. Now users can upload their TikTok stories that will last for 24 hours on their profile. The stories can be seen by simply clicking the creator’s profile picture with a teal blue ring around it. Uploading a story is user-friendly as well, as you go through the typical posting routine and choose the “Post to Story” option instead.

While the feature is definitely a fun addition, it also allows creators to increase their engagement overall. Their content can be seen through two sides of the platform and allow their audience to interact with the most up to date content posted. Along with that, it’s important to note that influencer marketing is at an all time high demand. Businesses that utilize Influencer marketing can reap the benefits of when new features debut. Typically, creators that utilize new features are typically boosted and get higher views due to apps favoring those that try out new features early on. With this in mind, businesses are now given an opportunity to utilize Tik Tok creators in more diverse and effective ways.

Only time will tell how TikTok stories will perform against different major platforms. But, those that hop on the trends early on will be able figure that out first-hand.

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