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The Importance of Utilizing Content Amplification

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Content amplification is a general term that encompasses a variety of strategies, which, if used correctly, can return promising results. Content amplification is the process of placing content across multiple platforms, which helps bring your brand to the forefront of a consumer’s mind. This is an important way for businesses to increase traffic by reaching a more expansive audience. With nearly three million blog posts published each day, it is crucial for businesses to spread their content in order to cut through the clutter and reach their desired audience. 

Many brands struggle to realize that social media platforms and search engines tend to prioritize paid content over organic results. In 2019, BuzzSumo analyzed one million blog posts to discover how the average person interacts with online content. The results are as follows: 

  • 50% of randomly selected posts received fewer than eight social shares in total

  • 75% received fewer than 39 social shares in total

  • 75% received ZERO referring domain links

Another study done by Trackmaven reports that 42% of professionally marketed blog posts receive fewer than 10 interactions. These statistics serve as a serious reminder of how difficult it can be to cut through the noise and bring attention to your content. 

An article from Strategy Driven Marketing provides strategies to improve content amplification in order to gain the best possible exposure for content. There are ample techniques included on the site, and it is important to try a few and decide which is most beneficial to your brand. 

One technique would be to give customized links in order to get authoritative backlinks. The quality of a link signals to a search engine that your content is relevant. You can earn links by promoting others. This site recommends integrating quotes, highlighting interviews, and speaking events. Another strategy is to engage with niche communities, particularly those that are relevant to your brand. Utilizing influencer marketing is also a popular method of content amplification. These campaigns should be focusing on building support for your brand while also amplifying your content to earn links. Influencers bring value to your brand by supporting the relevancy of your content. 

Lastly, it is important to recognize that these strategies need to be spread across multiple outlets in order to further amplify your content. For example, an influencer posts on a business’ Instagram profile promoting a product or brand, that business should then be taking that same photo and sharing it across all social platforms as well as putting advertising spend behind it. The combination of these strategies will expand the reach of your content while adding relevancy.

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