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Jalen Hurts Continues to Profit After Special Season

By: Brian Kowalski

Brand deals and endorsements have become a significant part of many NFL superstar players’ careers, especially during the offseason. The story is the same for Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Jalen Hurts who will enter the 2023 NFL Season as one of the highest paid players on and off the field. During the previous season, Hurts finished as the runner-up for MVP and led the Eagles to a Super Bowl appearance, during which he amassed 374 yards and scored 4 touchdowns against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Two months after his incredible performance, Adam Schefter announced on Twitter that the Eagles and Hurts agreed to a five year, $225 million extension that at the time made him the highest-paid player in NFL history. Hurts’ enormous contract was just the start to his profitable offseason.

Hurts has gained significant value in terms of his Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rights since the start of the 2023 NFL offseason. According to Sponsor United, Hurts’ Instagram follower count has experienced a remarkable 78% increase since February. This has led to a number of well-known consumer brands partnering with the star quarterback including Jordan Brand, Hulu, Lemon Perfect, and Accelerator Energy Drink.

While Hurts has been overwhelmed with offers for brand partnerships and endorsements, he has emphasized that his values must align with each brand. Hurts explained in an interview with Aaron Dodson of Andscape why he chose to become a Jordan Brand athlete, “I share a lot of important qualities with the Jumpman: dedication to goals, commitment to excellence and values, and an unwavering sense of self-belief that not only drives me but inspires me to make an impact for the next generation.” Hurts will now join an elite company, as he becomes one of only a dozen NFL athletes signed to represent the Jordan Brand.

Hurts has also infused fun and excitement into brands that he collaborates with. In his most recent partnership with Hulu, Hurts brings a comical approach to promote the “Hulu Has Live Sports” advertisement campaign. In the commercial, the star quarterback humorously changes his last name from “Hurts” to “Hulu Has Live Sports”, creating an uproar of amusement among his fans. While Hurts is recognized for his seriousness as a player off the field, he revealed in an interview with Austin Karp of SBJ that the partnership with Hulu, “was fun and a new process for me”.

Despite the buzz and addition of new brands to Hurts’ impressive portfolio, he has managed to stay grounded and down to earth. Hurts explained to Austin Karp of SBJ that the increase in off-the-field work this offseason, “hasn’t been difficult at all."

With the 2023 NFL season just around the corner, Hurts will have the opportunity to compete for a championship and further enhance the value of his NIL. There will also be an opportunity for another NFL player to make the same jump that Hurts did in the 2022 NFL season. The question is still uncertain of who that player will be, but we all know that if you can play, they will find you.

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