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Hygiene Partnerships Become an Emerging Sponsorship Category

By: Alisa Ermarkaryan

Being part of something bigger is the promise that attracts brands to sponsorship but as we slowly enter a post-pandemic world, it is important for brands to look at their sponsorship assets to make sure they are aligned with post-pandemic fan behaviors. The need for brands to adapt and react will not slow down after the pandemic as proactive activation planning has never been so important. The reaction to a post-COVID world can be seen through brand endorsements favoring heavily on hygiene partnerships.

The Clorox Company, a global leader in public health, is adapting by entering the sport sponsorship space. Clorox recently became the Official Cleaning Partner of the NBA and WNBA. According to the NBA, this multi-year agreement will create an ongoing collaboration with Clorox to promote health and safety for NBA and WNBA events and games by providing disinfecting products.In addition, Clorox announced a multi-year partnership deal with the NHL to become the league’s official cleaning and disinfecting product partner. According to the NHL, besides ad space the brand is working with the league to promote safety among fans and teams, and help ease into the “new normal” that will exist in the sport industry when fans return to the arena.

Outside the sports industry, corporations such as United Airlines and Uber are recognizing the importance of adapting in a post pandemic world and are seeking corporate partnerships with Clorox with the intention to comfort consumers. The Lysol brand has found partnership opportunities with industry leaders like Delta Air Lines, Avis car rentals and Hilton Hotels with the common hope to create a safer space. These are just a few examples of how a brand can look at their sponsorship assets to make sure they are aligned with post-pandemic fan behaviors and adapt accordingly.

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