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Four Influencer Marketing Trends To Look For This Year

By: Jaden Narwal

2020 was filled with new, innovative marketing trends. Here are four influencer marketing trends to look for in 2021.

1. While TikTok is gaining steam, Instagram is still the most impactful social media channel

According to Business Insider, 79% of brands choose Instagram as their premier platform to launch campaigns, far ahead of any other social media outlet. TikTok has done a phenomenal job in creating equal opportunities for users to get noticed and gain the spotlight. From a business perspective, Instagram has used its advanced engagement techniques to allow businesses to reach consumers through direct shopping, business profiles, and advanced profile analytics. In terms of popularity, While TikTok was the most downloaded social media app this past year, they still need to improve on adopting some of Instagram's business techniques in order to overtake them as the best app for marketing.

2. Influencers are turning into content creators

By 2022, it is projected that brands will spend up to 15$ billion on influencer marketing. As social media outlets continue to change, influencers must continue to adapt. By presenting themselves as content creators, they have allowed themselves to place greater value on their creative likeness, image, and content. It also allows them to grow their own personal brand and be more creative with their platforms.

3. There will be an increased focus on video content

With the continued growth of TikTok, other platforms are also putting more focus on short video content. Instagram has recently introduced “reels” while continuing to promote IGTV. Some version of “Instagram Stories” has also been adapted and introduced to almost every social media outlet. This is key for business and brand promotion. According to databox, videos are much more effective at grasping a user’s attention than a photo. Due to the initial interest created by the video, the consumer is more likely to intake the presented information. A marketer for ClearPivot found that clients using Facebook advertisements received “20 to 30% more conversions while utilizing video over images.”

4. Brands will no longer shy away from controversy

In the past, it was common for brands and companies to stay quiet on issues regarding politics, race, or other polarizing topics. Today, not only are brands more vocal, but they receive backlash if they do not release a statement or take action against injustices. The Black Lives Matter Movement, as well as the recent violence against Asian-Americans, are two prominent examples of crises in America that brands must be vocal about. This is a trend that hopefully continues as major companies must continue to use their platforms to speak out against prejudice, inequality, and discrimination.

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