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EVO Allows Fans To Invest In The Careers Of Athletes And Earn A Share Of Revenue

By: Nick Tilson

There are many obstacles to becoming a professional athlete, especially for individual sports. Aspiring professional athletes need a good team around them for the opportunity to perform at the highest level.

This team of people may include personal coaches, managers, physical therapists, nutritionists, and trainers, all who need to be paid. Additional expenses include equipment, food, travel expenses, competition fees, and more. In short, succeeding as a professional athlete in an individual sport is a serious investment, typically tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, and can be a financial burden on the athlete. EVO is here to change that.

Evolution Development Group, Inc. (EVO) is a sports management firm that provides young professional athletes with financial support early in their careers in exchange for a percentage of the athlete’s future earnings and endorsements.

EVO is raising money through the sale of shares on the company website starting at $0.75 per share and a minimum investment of $150. The investor receives Class B Non-Voting Common Stock. While the shares can’t be sold on a secondary market, EVO earns 5% of the earnings of each athlete and distributes these earnings among investors.

EVO is partnering with Andretti Autosport and a team of experts in racing, boxing, MMA, golf, and tennis to develop their athletes. As money continues to be raised, EVO will recruit and sign athletes to the firm. The financial burden is taken off of the athletes’ shoulders. The focus of EVO is “giving individual sport athletes the funds they need to become champions through better training, coaching, health and nutrition so they can concentrate on winning”.

EVO isn’t only changing the lives of athletes they sign; they are also changing the way we consume sports. EVO’s CEO John Norman said “Imagine a weekend watching an INDYCAR race, a PGA Tour match, and an MMA fight on television or your own personal streaming device and cheering for the EVO athletes in those events because you know you will receive part of their winnings”.

EVO is beginning to scout and sign young athletes to their roster. If you are interested in investing in the careers of young professional athletes click here for more information.

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