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Clubhouse Partnerships with Major Sports Leagues Prove to be Strategic and Beneficial

By: Alisa Ermarkaryan

Clubhouse is a newer social network that differentiates itself from the competition as it is based on voice. The global platform gives the opportunity for people to talk, listen and learn from one another in real-time. The network is able to accommodate voice chat rooms up to thousands of people to discuss and learn among various topics but now the platform is making its mark in the sports industry with major partnerships.

Clubhouse made their mark in the sports industry with their first official sports partnership as an exclusive content provider for the NFL. According to Social Media Today, the partnership allowed fans to drop in on the NFL’s rooms to follow the 2021 NFL Draft picks live as they were announced and listen in on discussions featuring key NFL figures such as athletes, coaches and network personalities. Also, fans were given the opportunity to join the conversation and have the chance to be invited on stage by moderators to express their reactions to the Draft. This deal reflects Clubhouse’s innovative business strategy and can be used in more content deals with other major sports leagues.

In addition, Clubhouse partnered with the NHL just in time for the Stanley Cup Finals, making it the platform’s first time collaborating with a major sports league on content for its championship. According to Adweek, the partnership kicked off with media day for the Stanley Cup Finals where fans were given the opportunity for direct access to the players at the pinnacle of the season. This collaboration proved to be very strategic and beneficial as it sets a new standard for how major leagues can connect in the social audio space.

These are just the first of many opportunities major sports leagues have to leverage Clubhouse’s emerging platform to offer exclusive, live audio experiences to sports fans year round. The question is, what major sport league will Clubhouse collaborate with next?

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