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Brands Built on the Back of Social Media

Written By: Taylor Golemme

It's well-known that success on social media is a crucial aspect for any brand. Whether you are creating a large-scale marketing campaign or starting a new company, having a strong brand presence online is make or break for the majority. The power of social media has even extended to creating a name for new businesses that haven't even started in a physical, tangible location.

Throughout the past two decades, social media has become the Shark Tank of the internet. Big name brands have gotten their start through platforms like Instagram and Tiktok. The unthinkable has become a reality as startups have seen an outstanding growth percentage just by focusing on ecommerce and social media.

The well-known brand, Away, is a prime example of the success you can find through starting a brand through a social media platform. Since Away’s launch on Instagram, they have seen continuous growth and success. Their smart suitcases have even reached Forbes list of “Next Billion-dollar startups” in just three years of being in business. They have utilized influencer marketing tactics on social media as they collaborated with American fashion model Karlie Kloss (IndustryLeaders,2019).

Chubbies also saw success through the launch of their brand on Instagram. This company has utilized content, especially memes, to build up a loyal fanbase of more than 500k followers. They have reached over 50% year over year sales growth, which is a great feat for any new business. Co-Founder of Chubbies,Tom Montgomery, puts a lot of emphasis on selling the “notion of fun” and building a relatable brand for all to feel welcome(IndustryLeaders,2019). By creating this type of brand persona, Chubbies was able to set itself apart and see long-term success through simply creating content for their online consumer base.

Whether your brand starts in a physical store, through a website, or on a social media platform, success can be found. It just matters how you build your brand persona and if your values align with your target market.

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