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5 Ways to Improve SEO Performance of Your E-Commerce Store

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

The internet is a significant part of our lives nowadays, as we use it to do just about anything. One of the most utilized online tools is the search engine, as it’s typically the first thing we use to find out information. This is why SEO should be a priority for any business. It helps to increase reach and conversion at a relatively low cost while ensuring that you are an authoritative figure in your respective niche. The Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are the representation of how businesses compete against one another nowadays, as the ones with the best strategy and approach will win the top spots on the list.

This is particularly important for E-commerce websites, as the only way for them to make a profit is to direct as much traffic to the site as possible. This also makes the market incredibly competitive. As you may imagine, making it to the first page of the SERPs isn’t easy, as it requires dedication, hard work, and effort. That being said, it’s not impossible.

If you’re looking to make your way up the rankings, here’s our guide on how to come up with an effective SEO strategy that will take your E-commerce business to the next level:

1. Do Some Keyword Research

We shouldn’t have to mention that the keywords are the most essential element of an SEO strategy, as they are what dictates the domain in which your website will rank higher. Therefore, before you launch an SEO campaign, you need to do some research on which keywords will be the most effective for your business. For example, if your website is an E-commerce shop that specializes in scented candles, you will need to learn more about the demographic group that will be most likely to search for your products. This will give you a better idea of the keyword groups that can yield the highest ROI, which means that you won’t have to worry about wasting your money and time focusing on keywords that won’t help your business grow.

Additionally, it will help you to come up with a content strategy that will resonate with the audience, as you will have a more precise direction of where to take your content. We recommend that you focus on long-tailed keywords first, as they are less competitive and more specific. This will help you prevent you from having to compete against major companies in the same industry, which won’t be the best use of your time, especially when you’re just starting off.

2. Add a FAQ Page

Reputation and credibility are two of the most critical aspects of an E-commerce website, which is why it’s important that you make your site come off as trustworthy as possible. This is where the FAQ page comes in, as it helps to answer some questions that the buyers may have about your site, shipping timing, return policy, and loyalty programs. These are the things that you can expect to see in your customer support email. By having a FAQ section on your site, it will make it much easier for the audience to understand what your site does.

The FAQ is often one of the most visited pages on any site. It has quite a high retention time as well. All of these analytics will play a role in the success of your SEO campaign, which will help to improve your rankings significantly.

3. Keep the Meta Descriptions Updated

The meta descriptions are the tags under the green URL in the SERPs, which tells the audience and the algorithm about the content on the page. Therefore, you will need to make sure that the meta description, title, and URLs are optimized for SEO to ensure that both the crawling mechanism and the audience knows what to expect. This will make it easier for the algorithm to sort your content, which will improve your SEO scores and subsequently your rankings.

4. Use Product Videos

Videos are the type of content that has the most interaction. A well-made video can help to improve your branding efforts significantly, as they are much more recognizable than any other type of content. Additionally, they also help to put your products on the front display, which will help to improve the traffic to the product pages. You want to make sure that you include some sort of CTA on the videos to ensure that you’re funneling traffic to the right page. This will help to promote both your website, store, and other products at the same time. The combination of these benefits makes videos the most effective way to advertise on the internet.

5. Keep the Load Time Low

On-site optimization is another crucial element of your website, as it ensures that you’re creating the most positive browsing experience for your audience. The loading speed is a major part of this, as it will be the first thing that the audience will get to interact with your site. If your site is slow to load, it will result in a higher bounce rate and low retention time, as people won’t want to waste their time waiting around. Therefore, you need to make sure that you reduce the load time as much as possible. You can do this with image optimization, cookies, and cutting down on plug-ins that you don’t need.

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