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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Making Instagram Reels

Written By: Taylor Golemme

It’s no surprise that Instagram is continuing to remain at the top amongst social media platforms. They have implemented countless features to the app that have given them the competitive edge. Once again, it seems that they have struck gold with one of their recent additions: Instagram Reels.

Here are 3 reasons why you should be making Instagram Reels in 2022:

1. It’s Time to Focus on the Metrics

If you’re looking for a way to up your metrics game, especially in terms of reach, Reels are your best bet. Engagements and impressions have seen a massive increase for accounts of all different sizes. Want proof? Let’s take the NBA for example. Since implementing reels, the NBA has seen a 22% increase in engagement in comparison to their standard posts and stories on Instagram. Just one single reel alone led the Lakers to receive 385,000 engagements and over 4.1 million plays (InfluencerMarketingHub, 2021).

2. The Explore Page is Going to Be Your New Best Friend

Why just limit your content to your current follower base? Nothing is better than having your brand or company be seen by countless users all across the globe. Through using reels and trending sounds, you are able to reach new individuals that have yet to hear about you or your brand/company. Just by filming a 30-second video, you have the chance to grow brand awareness and online presence overall.

3. Show off Who You Really Are

In recent years, it has become overwhelmingly important for users to feel that the content they see is real and relatable. Reels are a great opportunity to show off who you, or your brand, truly are. Instead of a one-dimensional photo, you can share helpful tips, your daily routine, and even share some of your favorite aspects of life. Your online persona does not have to be perfect, instead you can embrace the imperfections and gain a loyal follower base through it.

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