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2022 Winter Olympics: A Year of History-Making Women

By: Taylor Golemme

This year’s Beijing Winter Olympics are breaking stereotypes within the sports and entertainment industry. On average, women were previously making up less than 40% of the Olympic participants. A record breaking statistic is taking place in Beijing right now as women-led competitions will make up 53% of the total competitions for this year. According to the official Olympics website, this is the highest total number of women’s events to ever take place in Olympic Winter Games history.

Team USA has been taking one of the biggest leaps towards equality for women in the Olympics and sports overall. Women from all different backgrounds, such as race, ethnicity, age, and experience are dominating the Beijing Olympics. Out of the 21 medals won by Team USA so far, 16 of them have been won by women athletes or during mixed events, 6 of them being gold medals.

Incredible and inspiring events have continuously streamed in as Team USA competes in the Beijing Olympics. Notable moments instantly come to mind, like Chloe Kim making Olympic history as the first woman to win two gold medals in halfpipe and Lindsey Jacobellis becoming the oldest American woman to win a gold medal at the Winter Games. Team USA speed skater Erin Jackson became the first black woman to win an individual medal in the 500m event.

Recently, two team USA members made history as they were the first two women to medal in the monobob event. Kaillie Humphries received a gold medal and Elana Meyers Taylor followed closely with a silver medal. Humphries, a now five-time world champion, is passionate about inspiring girls and women across the world. Taylor said, "The women before me have allowed this to happen and I want to make sure that continues for all future generations.”

These women are becoming trailblazers in an incredibly competitive and established industry. This is just the beginning for the women of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and beyond.

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